Create a new Company

There are two ways to create a new Company; create a Company with all its details from the CRM menu, or via the Quick Create functionality in Enquiry. 

Create a new Company from CRM menu

To create a new Company, go to the CRM menu on the left hand side and select Company.

This will bring you to the main list of Companies. Select the Add Company button in the top right of the Company tab.

Fill in the details under the General tab and click Save Company. See the General tab in Companies on further details about the fields.

Create Company via Quick Create Contact in Enquiry

In some cases, you may want to create a new Company whilst also creating a Contact when in an Enquiry. Go through the same process as when creating a new Quick Contact from an Enquiry

At the point of adding a new Company, if the company doesn't exist, use the Quick Create Company functionality. 

Type the full name of the Company you wish to create and click "New Company".

The system will ask if you want to create this company. If you select Confirm, the company will be created with that name. 

Following completion of the Enquiry, go to the Company in the CRM and fill in the rest of the details. 

First, find the company via the CRM. Easiest is if you search for the Company by filtering on the company name.

Click on the Company, select Edit and then fill in all the mandatory details before saving. 


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