Create a new Contact

There are two ways to create a new Contact; create a full contact from the CRM menu or create a quick contact directly in an Enquiry. 

Standard way to create a new Contact

To create a new Contact, go to the CRM menu on the left hand side and select Contact.

This will bring you to the main list of Contacts. Select the Add Contact button in the top right of the Contact tab.

Fill in the details under the General tab and click Save Contact. See Contacts for details about the various fields in the General tab.

Create Contact through Quick Create Contact in Enquiry

Open a New Enquiry. Start typing the name of your new contact in to the Booking Contact field. Select the New Contact button.

This will open the Quick Create Contact screen which allows you to put the minimum required information in order to proceed with the Enquiry. Mandatory fields are marked with a *.

Once the Enquiry has been created, you can go to the Contact via the CRM menu and proceed to fill in the remaining details. 

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