Adding a Unit

Each Unit type has a number of individual Units (apartments).

Ensure you have done the following steps first:

  1. Add a Region
  2. Add a City
  3. Add an Area
  4. Add a Development
  5. Add a Building
  6. Add a Unit Type

Name - Add a name for the apartment, some customers name them via a short building code and the number i.e MFP 01 some customer just name them apt 1. This name is used everywhere within the system to identify the apartment and is not alway displayed with the building name. So if you have lots of apartments 1's across multiple buildings then it may get confusing if you don't include a short building code before the number.

Unit Type - Click the blue search button to select the Unit Type of this apartment i.e. One Bed

Description - Provide a specific description for this apartment i.e. This one bedroom apartment includes a hot tub and games room.

Cost Centre - Provide a cost centre code, this can be an alpha numeric combination. This cost centre is not currently used but will be used in future versions of the system.

Directions - These are specific directions once the guest is inside the building i.e. "The apartments is located on the 1st floor, exit the lift and turn left its the second door on your left"

Address - Add the address of the apartment (this is not always identical to the building)

Bookable - If you want this apartment to be bookable then you must tick the box. If the box is unticked then the apartment will not appear in any availability searches and will appear greyed out on the availability grid.

Sellable from/to -This is the dates between which this apartment will appear in availability searches. So it could be ticked bookable but its not currently sellable and therefore it will not appear in any availability searches. Typically you would set it sellable from today for 5 years. You can change these dates at any time.

Click Save Unit




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