How to use Custom Fields

The Administrator can create any number of custom fields that are used for the descriptions in Building and Units. This entails a dynamically growing database where the Administrator has ability to add fields, selecting field type as a Text field or Image field etc.

These custom fields can then be pulled through to email templates. 

Add Custom Field template

Go to Admin, Templates and select Custom Field Templates


You will be shown a list of existing Custom Field Templates. Select Add Custom Field Template to create a new one.


A custom field can be either a simple text field, or it can be a file that is uploaded.


It can be either for Units or for Buildings. Which ever you chose, note that this custom field will hence after appear on ALL Units or Buildings.


For example, you may want to store the information about Wifi codes per unit. Here we've created a custom field called Wifi Code, that just requires text and is for Units.


When you go back to the list of Custom Fields, the one you have created will have been added to the list - and under the covers, to all Units (or Buildings) in the system.

Using Custom Fields

To use a custom field, just go to any Unit or Building (depending on which you've created the template for).


The custom field will be in the Unit and look like a regular field. Store data in it as you would anything else and save.


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