Create Activity for Building

Go to the Properties menu and select Buildings


Select the Building that you would like to create the Activity for.


Select the Activities tab.


You will see a list of all Activities associated to this Building (and to Units within this Building). Select the Add Activity button to create a new Activity.


This will bring up the New Activity window, ready for you to fill in the details.


Activity Overview

Select the Type for this Activity. Please ensure you have set this up prior - you can follow the steps here.


Chose the relevant Type.


Select a Priority for the Activity.


This can be One - Five, to be determined what these imply for your business.


Fill in the subject and content (description) as suitable. Note that the Building has already been selected.


Who's Responsible

Assign the Activity to someone. Use the Assignee field to do this. It's a type ahead field, so just start typing the name of the person to assign it to and the system will give you suggestions.



Set a due date, i.e. the date that this Activity needs to be completed by.


Pick the date and time.


If you have the information already, you can also set a scheduled date and time.


Select this from the calendar. Note that you can come back to do this at a later stage.

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