Block availability of a Unit with an Activity

You may need to block out the availability of a unit to deal with maintenance. You can do this by creating an Activity for the Unit. 

Go to the Properties menu and select Buildings.


Select the Building in which the Unit that you want to block the availability for resides in.


Select the Activities tab.


Here you will see all the Activities for this Building and also for all the Units in this Building. Click on Add Activity to create a new one.


Activity Overview

Fill in the information required to describe the reason for blocking availability.


Select a Unit, as per when creating an Activity for a Unit.


Duration and Availability

You will notice that once a Unit has been selected, the options to select Duration and Blocking Availability appear.


Use the steppers to chose for how many days you would like to block availability for. Note that Duration can be used without blocking availability as well, for example useful when stating how long an Activity will (should) take.


Tick the Block Availability check box.


Who's Responsible

Use the type ahead functionality to assign the Activity to someone.



Enter a Due Date, i.e. the date that this needs to be completed by latest.
Most importantly, enter a Scheduled Date and Time. This is when the availability block should START. It will continue for the DURATION of 6 days.
Then save.


View block out on Availability Grid

Go to Sales and select the Availability Grid


Enter the search criteria as relevant for the availability block you just created, i.e. the correct dates and location. Then Search.


You will now see the unit has been blocked from the Scheduled date and for 6 days onwards, highlighted as RED to mark that this is blocked due to an Activity of some sort.

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