Availability Grid to view availability

Go to Sales and select Availability Grid


Search criteria is entered in the left hand column



The default setting is 30 days from now, but you can of course changes this. To change the start date, click on the field.


Chose the date you would like to start on.


Click on the end date field.


Select the date you would like to end on.


You can also manually just update the number of nights, rather than selecting the end date, if you wish.



All the properties in the system are available to select from. They are grouped by Area and then Development. You can search for an Area or Development if you know it by name (red) or use the + to expand the property list.


Select one or many Areas/Developments to view.


Unit Types

By default, all Unit types are selected.


But you can chose to select as many or as few as you wish.



Click on the Search Availability button when you are ready.


This will display the units that correspond to your location selection.


If you wish to modify your selection, click on the right hand side of the blue bar, on the down arrow.


This will bring the search criteria back.


If you wish to reload the availability grid with the same selection, click further left on the blue bar.

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