How to send a Quote

First you must create an Enquiry in order to be able to send a Quote. Do so like this

Send Quote from existing Enquiry

Open the Enquiry you wish you send a Quote for. Edit.


Select the Room Stay in Enquiry status that you wish to send the Quote for.


You will be given a number of options. Select the Send Quote button.


This will bring up the Quotation email. You can add more receiptients in the To field and update the body of the email as you see fit. Once you are ready, click on the Send Email button.


This will send the Quotation email and update the status of the Room Stay to Quoted.


Send Quote from new Enquiry

Optionally, you can create an Enquiry AND send the Quote at the same time.


Create the Enquiry as described here, but instead of clicking on Create Enquiry, you can click on Create and Quote.


This will create the Enquiry and bring up the Quotation email at the same time. Update as per above and click Send.


Once again, you will see that the status has been updated to Quoted.



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