Company Information

This article describes the information you can store for a Company.

General Tab

Most of the information required in the General tab is self explanatory, but there are a few points that are worth describing in further detail.

Parent Company

If the Company is a child company, you can associate it to its parent company here.

Company Category

Companies can be one of seven types:

  • Customers: Companies or individuals who buy serviced apartment accommodation for their own use
  • Booking Agents: Companies who act as agents, either charging a commission or deducting it at source.
  • Supplier: Maintenance contractors who provide services for maintaining the property portfolio
  • Network Provider: Providers of accommodation
  • Landlords: Companies or individuals whose properties are managed by the business
  • Letting Agent: The person with whom the company would sign the tenancy agreement with
  • Managing Agent: Manages Units on behalf of the landlord

Credit Details

If the Company has credit, you can indicate this here by select Has Credit Account and providing the Credit limit.

Payment Terms

Number of days to pay invoice by.

Billing Contact

Type ahead field to enter a contact who is set to be the main finance contact of the company. This is a mandatory field and invoices cannot be created for this company unless the Billing Contact is set, and therefore bookings cannot be confirmed.

Other Tabs

Company Details

Here you can add further addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. You can chose which you would like to set as Primary and this would then be propagated to the General tab as the Primary address/telephone number/email address.


You can associate Contacts to Companies (i.e. employees) and these can be viewed here in the Contacts tab. The association can be made via the Contact.


You can add notes to this company. Each note is recorded with the date/time and user who created the note. To add a new note, click "Add Note".


You can upload any number of files as attachments to a company. Select Add Attachment and chose the file you with to attach.

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