What is a Channel, how do I create one and how are they used?

What is a Channel?

A Channel is a way of identifying sources of business and setting default commission rates to these sources.
A Company can be associated to multiple Channels, but a Channel can only have one Company associated to it.

Create a new Channel through a new Company

Create a new Company

Go to the CRM menu and select Companies


Select the Add Company button


Name your new Company and then select the Company category


Only a Booking Agent can have a Channel (and indeed, a Booking Agent MUST have a Channel) so select Booking Agent here


This will automatically bring up fields that are mandatory for creating a Channel, namely:

  • Channel Name, which will be set to the Company Name. You can change this if you wish.
  • Commission Basis
  • Commission Rate


Select Gross or Net for the Commission basis, depending on how you want the commission to be calculated.


Set the default Commission rate. The user will be able to modify this on a booking by booking basis.

Create a new Channel from the Admin menu

Optionally, you can create a Channel from the Admin menu. Go to Admin and select Channel.


Click Add Channel


Enter all the Channel information. You will need to provide a name. You can associate a Company (Operator) to this Channel by entering the Company name in the Operator field. Note that the Company must be a Booking Agent. Finally, you should also enter the Commission Basis and Commission Rate.

View created Channel(s) through the Admin menu

To view Channels you have created, either directly in a new Company or via the Admin menu, go to Admin and select Channel.


Here you will have a list of all Channels. You can view any Channel by clicking on it.



Using a Channel

The usage of a Channel comes into play when creating a new Booking Enquiry.


Initially, it is just the default Channel that is visible, prior to adding any Booking Contact details.


When adding a Booking Contact, if the contact is associated to a Company that is a Booking Agent (and therefore has a channel) the Channel field will allow for further selection and the Commission Rate field will be visible.


As you can see, Amy Jones has been associated to our newly created company, My New Company, which we know is a Booking Agent.


By selecting My New Company as the Channel, the default Commission Rate has also been entered. You can change the value of the commission rate if you wish.


Also worth noting is that Booking Account and Billing Account have become type ahead searches (rather than drop downs) to allow for maximum flexibility.

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