Adding an Area

An Area is a collection of Developments that is smaller than a city, e.g. West London.

Before creating an Area, ensure you have done the following steps first:

  1. Add a Region
  2. Add a City

Adding an Area by the Admin menu

Go to Admin, Geography and select Areas


You will be shown a list of existing Areas. Click on Add Area to add your new Area.


Enter the name of the Area and then click on the search to find a city to associate it with.


Select one of your pre-created cities.


Save the Area.


When going back to the list of Areas, you will see the one you just created.


Adding an Area from a City

Optionally, you can go directly to the City you want to create an Area for. Select the Areas tab...


...and click on Add New Area. The same process as above in creating the Area.


and you will find the Area associated to the city.


Next step: Adding a Development

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