Adding a Development

The property hierarchy continues with Developments which capture the main marketing information and the property overview, e.g. Hammersmith, Chiswick, etc. A Development can have one or may Buildings associated to it.

Ensure you have done the following steps first:

  1. Add a Region
  2. Add a City
  3. Add an Area

Adding a Development

To add a new Development, go to Properties and select Developments.


This will give you a list of all Developments currently in the system. Select Add Development.


Name your Development, give it a description (this is purely for internal information, but you can pull it through to email templates and the like if you wish) and then search for an Area.


Select an Area you have created.


Select which Features & Facilities the Development has. This information is propagated to the online booking functionality. Then save!


Going back to the Development list and you will see the Development you have just created.

Next step: Adding a Building


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