Adding a Unit Type

Each Building have a number of Unit types such as Studios, One Bedroom Apartments, etc.

Ensure you have done the following steps first:

  1. Add a Region
  2. Add a City
  3. Add an Area
  4. Add a Development
  5. Add a Building

Name - Give the Unit type a name i.e. One Bed, Studio

Description - Provide a description for this type of apartment i.e "one bedroom apartment with en-suite bathroom, balcony, wood flooring throughout, approx size 150 sqm"

Building - Click Lookup and select the building this Unit Type is associate with i.e Mayfair Plaza

Unit Type Code - Add a unique reference for this unit type i.e. MFP_1BED

Unit Classification - At the moment you only have a single option which is Managed in future versions we will support Network buildings (i.e. Units you don't own/manage but take bookings for).

Type - Select from the drop down the type of apartments this unit type is i.e. Studio, 1 Bed Room etc. If you don't find the type you are looking for in the drop down then let your account manager know and they will get it added.

Maximum Occupancy - This allows you to set the number of guests you allow to stay in this apartment.

Minimum Stay - Select the minimum number of nights this unit type can be booked for i.e. 1

Maximum Stay - Select the maximum number of nights this unit type can be booked for i.e. 30

Click Save Unit type


Next Step: Add a Unit

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