What is a Unit Contract and how do I use it?

You can create Unit Contracts, or Tenancy Agreements, and associate them to one or many Units in your property portfolio. 

The individual Unit’s availability is controlled by Unit Contracts dictating when the property is bookable from and to.

Viewing existing Contracts

Go to the Properties menu and select Unit Contracts.


Here you will be shown all the Unit Contracts in the system. To view any, simply click on the row.


This will show you the contract details as well as the Units associated to the contract.


Creating new Contract

In the list view, click on the Add Unit Contract button.


Select the contract type, which can be Lease or Operating.


Contract Start and End date are the dates that the contract is applicable.
Bookable From and Bookable To are the dates that your reservations team can actually take bookings.
For example, you may have the contract starting at a certain date and you want to set the property up in advance, but the property is going to under go some refurbishment first, so you want to allow for some time until the apartment is actually available to book. By setting the Bookable To and From this way, it will ensure that the apartment is only available from these dates, whilst still ensuring that the contract is set up in the system.


Select the Unit Owner by searching for a company in the CRM.


Then save the contract.


To add Units to the contract, Edit it first.


Click on Add Units.


Click on each unit that you wish to add (here step 1 - 3) and then click on the cross in the top right corner (step 4) to end your selection.


You will see all the units you have added - now all you need to do is save.


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