How to create PPM Activities

PPM Activities, or Planned Preventative Maintenance Activities, are activities specific to a Building or a Unit that need to be done regularly. By setting up a schedule for these activities, you can get the system to generate the activity on a regular basis.


Go to Properties and select Building. Note that if you want to create a PPM schedule for a Unit, just select Unit instead and follow the same steps.


Select the Building you would like to create the schedule for.


Click on the PPM Schedule tab.


Here you will see a list of all PPM schedules that have been created so far. Click on Add PPM Item to create a new one.


This brings up the New PPM screen, with the Building pre-filled in.


Assign the Activity to someone.


Use the type ahead functionality to start typing the name of the assignee. The system will give you all options for you to select.


Give your Activity a Subject.


Pick an Activity Type. Ensure you have set up these PPM Activities types prior! You can learn how to do this here.


Select a suitable Type.


Schedule From is the date the schedule should start, i.e. the first time the Activity should be scheduled for.


Pick a date from the calendar.


Schedule Every is the frequency this Activity needs to be done. Use the stepper to specify how many times...






Schedule Lead Time determines how many days in advance of the next scheduled activity that the next Activity should be generated by the system.


You can see here that the next Activity is due in a years time.


After saving, you will see the new PPM Schedule Activity. In this example, an Activity will be generated once a year, with subject Legionella Testing, type WATER. The first Activity will be set for the 21st April 2017 and it will be created in the system 14 days before.

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