Creating and Managing Users

You can create users in the system and assign them to teams. Each user also has specific access rights to parts of the system, and these are set here as well. 


Create a new User

Go to Admin menu, User & Team Settings and select Users


This will show you a list of all users in the system. To view or modify any user, just click on the row. To add a new User, click on Add User.


This will give you the New User view, ready for you to fill in.


Fill in the basic information, such as name, username, email address, etc. The password can be changed at a later stage.


Allocate the user to a team by clicking on the search button next to the team field.


Pick the team you wish to allocate them to. You will need to have created teams prior to this step! Here we will select Reservations.


Enable the user if they should be active straight away.


Security Roles

Select which access rights the user should have. Please see attached PDF to see what the roles entail.


Save the user.


Change User Password

If you would like to change the users password, go back to the user from the Admin menu and select the Change Password tab.


Here you can update the password and save again.


View Users in a Team

Go to the teams from the Admin menu and click on the team you are interested in.


Click on the Users tab.


Here you will see all the user associated to that team. Click on the user to view their details.

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