How to take an Enquiry

Open new Enquiry

To start a new Enquiry, select the +New button at the top right of the screen.


Select New Enquiry


This will bring you to the new Enquiry screen

Contact Details

Enter the contacts details. You can use the type ahead to find a user that already exists in the system, or follow these steps to create a new Quick Contact if it is a new customer.


Once selecting the booking contact, the Booking Account and Billing Account will be updated. If the contact is associated to a company (see here how to achieve this) you can change these to the company. To use the Channel functionality, see here.

Requested Information

The customer will have requests for their accommodation - these should be entered in the Requested Information section.



Start by taking the start date.



And then also the end date. Optionally, you can just change the number of nights and the the end date will be updated automatically.


Enter the Unit Types that the customer is requesting. Hold the CTRL key to select more than one.


Enter the requested location of the customer. Use the type ahead search. Areas that are in the system will be indicated with a pin (red) whereas Google Map locations with a cross (blue). Select the one that applies.


Enter a budget per night, if the customer has one.


Search Information

Once you have taken the requested information, you need to enter the actual data that you wish to search the system against.


Select the relevant Area and/or Development which you wish to search in.


Select the Unit Types that you wish to search for. Use CTRL to select more than one.



Chose a rate plan if you do not wish to search against all available.


Search and Select

Once all the information has been selected, click on Search Availability


You will be presented with all units that match your search criteria that have availability for those dates. Select the one(s) that you wish to include, and then click Create Enquiry.


Your Enquiry has been saved.

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