Setup step by step guide

This is a step by step guide for initial setup of your ReRum system. This should be performed by an administrator. Its important that you follow each step in turn as the previous step is a pre-requisite.
Click on each Section heading to be taken through to a detailed description on how to complete it. If you have any issues at any stage then contact your account manager or click the chat button within the system to chat with a support representative. 
Stage 1 - Users & Team Setup
1: Create Teams - Admin -> User & Team Settings -> Teams
Recommend setting up a team for each department i.e. Reservations, Operations etc
2: Create Users - Admin -> User & Team Settings -> Users
Add users who need access to the system and allocate them to the corresponding team
Stage 2 - Adding Apartments
1: Add Regions - Admin -> Geography -> Regions
Add regions that you will associate Cities with i.e. West Midlands, South East etc
2: Add Cities - Admin -> Geography -> City
Add the cities where you have apartments available i.e. London, Birmingham. These cities are then associated with Areas
3: Add Areas - Admin -> Geography -> Areas
Areas are used to group your developments & buildings under. The areas allow your reservations team to select multiple buildings quickly based on an area. For example the customer maybe looking for apartments in the City of London and you have 10 apartments across 3 buildings that would be suitable. You can therefore create an Area called City of London and associate the 3 buildings with this area so your reservations team would just select ‘City of London’ area which would automatically lookup across the 3 associated buildings.
4: Add Developments - Properties -> Developments
A Development consists of multiple buildings - so the development maybe called Canary Wharf which included Buildings X, Y & Z. For lots of customers the Development and the Building are one and the same. In this scenario where there is only 1 building just name the development the same as the building. So you will have a development called 1 Mayfair Plaza & a building called 1 Mayfair Plaza.
4a: Development Images - Properties -> Developments -> Development X -> Images tab
Development images are used throughout the system in guest emails and the online booking engine so need to be added.
5: Add Buildings -> Properties -> Buildings
6: Add Unit Types -> Properties -> Unit Types - > Add unit type
7: Add Units -> Properties -> Unit Types - > Add unit
8: Custom Fields
Admin -> Templates -> Custom Field Templates
9: Add Roles
Properties -> Roles
Allows the allocation of a role, such as plumber, electrician, cleaner, etc. of a specific supplier company to a Building or a Unit
Stage 3 - Finance
1: Merchant Account Setup
You need additional merchant account numbers to take payments via ReRum and the Internet Booking Engine.
2: SagePay Setup
You will need a Payment Gateway (like SagePay) to work with your existing merchant accounts. We currently only support SagePay as a Payment Gateway.
3: SagePay Configuration
 There is a specific configuration of your SagePay account required to work with ReRum.
4: Add Nominal Codes -> Admin -> Finance -> Nominal Codes
5: Add Products -> Admin -> Finance -> Products
6: VAT Profiles -> Admin -> Finance -> VAT Profiles
7: Chargeable Extras -> Admin -> Finance -> Chargeable Extras
Stage 4 - Operations
1:- Changing Default ETA's & ETD's
You may want to change the default ETA & ETD on bookings.
2:- Automated Activities Configuration
Automated activities are created when a booking is confirmed.
3:- Configure Issues
Issues are the in-built helpdesk tickets for tracking issues internally or with guests.
4:- Configure Activities
Activities is the in-built task management system for allocating work to internal team members or external contractors.
5:- Key Sets
6:- Stock Items
7:- Access Codes
Stage 5 - Reservations
1:- Configure Booking Terms
Admin -> Booking Settings -> Booking Terms
2:- Configure Reasons for Lost Bookings
Admin -> Booking Settings -> Reasons for Lost Bookings
3:- Configure Channels
Admin -> Channels
4:- Configure Rate Plans
Admin -> Rate Plans
5:- Configure Options to extend 
Admin -> Options to extend settings
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