Add a Development Image

Properties -> Developments -> Development X -> Images tab
In order to add an image you must first setup a Development.
Development images are used in various parts of the system including quote emails & Apartment browser. Because these image are sent out to customer via email and web links they should not be to large in size. We recommend images of 200kb or less.
When you are viewing your added development you will see four tabs along the back of the view (General, Buildings, Attachments, Images).
Steps to adding an image:
1-: Find the Development you want to add an image to - Properties -> Developments -> Development X
2-: Click on the images tab
3-: Click on Add Image button
4-: From your local computer find the first image you want to upload
5-: Select the image and click open
6-: Follow the same process to add all the images you want associated with this Development.
7-: Select the image you want to be the primary image, by selecting the primary radio button. The primary image is the one used in the emails that get sent out to guests.
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