Setting up SagePay

Signing up for a Res:harmonics SagePay account  

Step 1:

Browse to this link

Step 2:

Complete the first screen with basic contact and company details


Then click “Start Now”


Step 3:

Confirm your email address by checking your email for an email with a link in it from Sage (check junk email if it doesn’t turn up within 5 mins).

Step 4: 

Click “Add +“ next to Online Payments

Step 5:

Select the Plus £45 per month option


 Step 6:

Complete the questions that popup


Step 7:

 Select + “I already have a merchant account”


 Step 8:

 Complete the merchant information and select which payment methods you wish to accept


 Step 9:

 Complete remaining steps as guide by SagePay

 Step 10:

Once setup is complete provide the following to Res:harmonics:

Vendor Name



We will then complete the integration with Rerum.

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