Chargeable Extras

Chargeable extras are products or services you add to a booking room stay. For example a guest may want a high chair for the duration of their stay so you add a chargeable extra to the room stay on that booking.

Chargeable extras need to be pre-configured and cannot be created on the fly. Chargeable extras are configured in Admin -> Finance -> Chargeable Extras

Adding Chargeable Extras

To add a chargeable extra click the button in the top right hand corner:

Follow these steps:

1- Add a description i.e. 'High Chair'

2- Click the blue magnifying glass and select the product you want to associate it with i.e. Extras

3- Select the Net price i.e. without VAT (VAT will be charged as per the VAT profile)

4- Each chargeable extra can have a different billing frequency i.e. one off, daily, weekly, monthly). For example a high chair might be set to one-off while car parking might me daily.

5- Click the blue magnifying glass and select the VAT profile you wish to apply to this extra.

6- Click Save Chargeable extra

This chargeable extra will now appear in the list and also be available via the

  button in a booking when you select the room stay you want to add the extra to.


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