Configuring Channels

A channel is a route to which you gain business via i.e. your website might be a channel or a booking agent is a channel. 

You can also establish commission percentages to be associated with a channel. Once configured the system will then alway apply a commission to any bookings made via the configured channel.

Note:- You must setup all the companies you want to associate a channel with in the CRM first.

Channels are configured in two ways:

1- Via Admin -> Channels

2- Via CRM -> Companies

Admin -> Channels Configuration

1- Click "Add Channel" button (top right of page)


2- Add a Channel Name i.e. "Booking Agent 1" or "Internet Booking Engine" or ""

3- Search for & select Operator. As you start to type in this box it will do a lookup in CRM Companies for the Operator (the company you are associating with this channel must already have been created in the CRM). When the name you are searching for appear select it

4- Select if the commission basis is either Gross or Net. This means that is the commission percentage taken on the Gross booking value (i.e. with VAT) or Net booking value (i.e. without VAT). For example if the Gross booking value was £100 + VAT =£120 and the commission rate was 10% then the Gross commission would be £12 and the Net commission would be £10.

5- Enter the commission percentage i.e. 10%. This is just the default and can be changed at the point of booking.

6- Click "Save Channel" button (top right)

Here is an example of adding "Internet Booking Engine" as a channel. This has 0% commission because these bookings are coming via your own website.

CRM -> Companies Channel Configuration

The other way to add a channel is when you are adding a Company to the CRM

Add a Company record in exactly the same way as you would normally but this time when you select Company Category - you select "Booking Agent" from the drop down this then shows the channel configuration.

Complete this as above. This will then automatically create you a channel, you can see this new channel in Admin -> Channels.

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