Automated Activities for Cleans

When a booking is moved into Confirmed Status the platform can automatically create a series of activities (tasks) for internal or external teams. One of the typical activities that is automatically created is the apartment Service Clean.

These automated activities are currently setup by the Res:harmonics team and cannot be altered via the customer yet (this is a planned feature).

In order to setup the activities we need to extract your business logic. There are typically Three types of clean activities that occur:

- Checkin Clean - a clean prior to checkin of a new guest

- Checkout Clean - a clean after the guest has left

- A weekly clean - A scheduled clean that happens every week for the duration of the stay

For Checkin & Checkout cleans you just have to confirm you require them.

Weekly Clean Activities

For weekly cleans there is a choice between simple or logic based.


The clean occurs on the same day per week irrespective of guest activity. This can be scheduled on a different day for each building or apartment but it uses no logic around guest stays. i.e. Building MayFair Plaza is cleaned every Tuesday. Or apartments 4,6,7 of MayFair Plaza are cleaned on a Fridays & apartments 1,2,3,5 are cleaned on a Monday.

Logic Based:

A logic based clean allow customers to specify criteria around when they want a clean to occur. They can specify logic based on guest checkin & checkout days.

For example:

apartment 1 normal weekly clean will occur on a Tuesday unless a guest checked out on Monday then don’t clean that week.

If you also perform checkin cleans then you may have logic as follows:

apartment 1 normal weekly clean will occur on a Tuesday unless a guest checked out on Monday or if a guest is checking in on a Wednesday then don’t perform the weekly clean that week


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