Creating Rate Plans

Rates determine the price per night, minimum nights stay & if a unit type is bookable.

Rates are configured via Admin -> Rate Plans

Rate Plans consist of Rates & Rate Segments and you typically build your rates based on the unit types and minimum length of stay. The diagram below shows a rate plan called "Standard Rates" with 3 rates underneath for 1 Bed apartments 1-7 nights, 1 Bed apartments 7-28 nights & 2 Bed apartments for 1-7 nights.

Configuring a Rate Plan

1- Goto Admin -> Rate Plans

2- Click "Add Rate Plan" button (top right)

3- Give the Rate Plan a Title i.e. "RACK Rates", " Internet Rates"

4- Give the rate a description i.e. "rates for use with the Internet booking engine"

5- Select the date that these rates will be effective from

6- Select the date that these rates will expire (we recommend minimum 12-months from effective date)

7- Select if the rates are VAT inclusive or exclusive (ticked inclusive, unticked exclusive)


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