Clearing Your Browser Cache

With any web based application it is sometimes necessary to clear the cache on your browser to force it to pick up the latest version of the app or clear out any old information that is stuck in the cache.

Follow this guide to flush the cache in Google Chrome:


1- Firstly close all other tabs in Chrome and logout of ReRum.

2 - Click on the Chrome menu icon. The Chrome menu icon is located next to your address bar and is positioned to the far right.

  • The icon itself looks like three horizontal lines or dots stacked on one another.
  • From this icon, you can access a variety of tools, settings, bookmarks, and nearly any other information pertaining to Google Chrome.

3- Select "More Tools" from the drop-down menu. This option is listed in the middle of the Chrome menu that pops up from the menu button.

  • "More Tools" is located eleventh from the top and has a right-pointing arrow next to the word.

4- Choose "Clear browsing data..." This is a setting option that appears from the "More Tools" side menu

  • Once you select this option, the “Clear browsing data” dialogue box should pop up.

5- Check the Boxes

  • Select from the drop down box next to "Obliterate the following items from: " 'From the beginning of time'
  • Tick "Hosted App Data"
  • Tick "Cached Images & Files"

6- Click 'Clear Browsing Data"

  • Button is bottom right


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