Adding Chargeable Extras

Chargeable Extras are products or services you add to a booking room stay. For example, a guest may want a high chair for the duration of their stay, so you add this as an extra to the room stay on that particular booking, and it will automatically be invoiced.


Adding an Extra to the System

1 - Go to the Admin menu, hover over 'Finance', and select 'Chargeable Extras'. 



2 - Here you will be shown a list of all the previously added Chargeable Extras. Click 'Add Chargeable Extra'. 



3 - Enter a description for the Extra, e.g. 'Camp Bed'. 



4 - Click the blue search box to select the Extra's 'Product'. This is essentially the type of Extra that is being added. If you are unsure what Product your Extra is, simply select 'EXTRAS'. 



5 - Enter the price of the Extra. If you wish to change the price of the Extra each time it is added, tick the 'Allow Net Price Amendment' box. 



6 - Fill in the Billing Frequency and select a VAT Profile for the Extra (this is included in the price you set in the 'Net Price' box).



7 - You then have the option to associate activities with an Extra. Any activity you select will automatically be scheduled when this Extra is added to a Booking. For instructions on how to add an activity template, please see Creating an Activity Template (for use with Extras).

8 - Finally, click 'Save Chargeable extra'. 



Adding an Extra to a Booking

1 - Go to the Sales menu and select 'All Bookings'. 



2 - Click on the Booking you wish to add an Extra to and select 'Edit Booking'.



3 - Select the room stay you wish to add the Extra to and click 'Add Extra Service'. (You will most likely need to scroll down to see more of the page)



4 - Click the blue search box to search for the Extra you wish to add. The Net Price and Billing Frequency will match the values that have already been added to the system.



5 - If the Billing Frequency is set as 'Daily', then you can choose how much of the stay the Extra is in place for. Either tick / untick the 'Full Stay' box to charge everyday of the room stay, or fill in the start and end date to show the period where the Extra will be being charged for. Click 'Add'.



6 - Click 'Update Booking' to save this Extra to the selected Booking. 



7 - If you go to the 'Sales Invoices' tab, you can see the invoices that have automatically been generated for the Extras. 



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