Add New Reasons for Lost Bookings

If you lose a booking enquiry, you can enter a reason for why you lost the enquiry.

Some of these reasons come pre-loaded into the ReRum system. If you wish to add your own, you can do so as follows. 


Add a New Reason for a Lost Booking

1 - Go to the 'Admin' menu, hover over 'Booking Settings' and select 'Reasons for Lost Bookings'.



2 - Click 'Add Reason'.



3 - Enter a reason in the box that appears.



4 - Click 'Save Reason'.



5 - The Reason you have added will now be saved in the 'Reasons' tab.


6 - You can now select the reason you have saved whenever you select 'Lose' on a booking enquiry. Go to 'Losing Enquiries' for more information on what to do when there is a lost Booking Enquiry. 



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