Making an Availability Enquiry and Sending a Quote to the Customer

Availability Enquiries are requested by the customer to see if certain properties are free during their desired stay period. This article shows you how to make an Availability Enquiry, as well as how to send a Quote to the customer.


Making an Availability Enquiry

1 - Click the 'New Enquiry' button at the top left of the screen. 



2 - Enter the Booking Contact's details. If they are already on the system, they will be recognised and the 'Booking Account' and 'Billing Account' boxes will be filled out for you. If not, you can simply create a new contact. You must use the arrow keys and enter to select existing contacts rather than using your mouse.



3 - The customer will have requests for their accommodation - these should be entered in the 'Requested Information' section. Enter the start date, and proceed by either entering the end date, or the number of nights, as both of these will do the same job. 



4 - Click the Unit Type to search for. Hold the CTRL key if your are using a PC and the CMD key is you are using a Mac whilst clicking to select more than one Unit Type.



5 - Enter the location to search for a specific one. Alternatively, clicking the area, e.g. Covent Garden, will select all types of accommodation located here. Click the small '+' button next to the area to reveal specific accommodations, which can then be selected singularly.



6 - Choose a rate plan. Hold the CTRL key if you are on a PC or the CMD key if you are on a Mac whilst clicking to select more than one rate plan.



7 - Once all the information has been selected, click 'Search Availability'.



8 - You will be presented with a list of all Units that match your search criteria and have availability for the customer's requested dates of stay. Select the one(s) that you wish to include by clicking the blue '+' button, and then click 'Create Enquiry' to save your enquiry. 



9 - You now have the option to lose the enquiry (see 'Losing Enquiries') or to send a quote to your customer (see below).


Sending a Quote from an Existing Enquiry

1 - Go to the Sales menu and select 'Booking Enquiries'.



2 - Here you will be shown a list of all the Booking Enquiries. Click on the Booking Enquiry you would like to send a Quote for.



3 - Click 'Edit Booking' in the top right corner of the screen. 



4 - Scroll down and tick the 'selected' box of the Room Stay whose status is set as 'Enquiry' (this will be shown next to a filled-in yellow square).



5 - Once 'selected', you will be given a number of options. Click 'Send Quote'. 



6 - This will bring up the Quotation email. You can add more recipients by typing in their email in the 'To' field and you can also update the body of the email as you see fit.



7 - Once you are ready to send the Quote, click 'Send Email'. 


8 -  The 'Status' for the Enquiry will now have changed to 'Quoted'. 


Sending a Quote from a New Enquiry 

1 - Fill in the details for your new Booking Enquiry (see top of this article for details on this).

2 - Instead of clicking 'Create Enquiry', select 'Create & Email'. To add more Properties to this Enquiry, and therefore to the Quote also, click the blue '+' next to the desired Properties and then select 'Create & Email'.

3 - This will create the Enquiry and bring up the Quotation email. Update the email as necessary and click 'Send Email' to send the Quote.

4 - The 'Status' for the Enquiry will now have changed to 'Quoted'. 


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