Configuring Booking Types

Booking Types is a way of labeling a booking and forcing a booking to follow a unique workflow.

Here are some examples of 'Booking Types' you might create and where you may use them:

Booking Type
Activity Exemplars
Agent Used for bookings from Agents such as Silverdoor & Oakwood Unique templates that are for a booker to forward to a guest rather than guest templates These would be your standard activity templates i.e weekly clean & checkout clean
Long Lets Used where you are renting the property as a Tenanted long let i.e. 6-month + Unique templates that are suitable for a Tenant. This may have no activities for cleaning but may have rent review activities & inspections
UnServiced Used for short lets where no cleans are provided Templates that specify no cleans are provided This may have a checkout clean only but no weekly clean


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