User Interface

This article demonstrates the basic User Interface of the ReRum system. As always please remember that if you are confused at any point then locate the orange chat icon in the bottom right of the ReRum app to be connected with one of our team. 


1 - To log in, enter your Username and Password and click 'Login'. 


2 - Your user appears in the top right hand corner.


3 - The main menu appears in the side bar on the left hand side.


4 - Click the 'burger' icon to compress or decompress the menu.


5 - You can use the search bar to search for people, companies or booking references.


6 - Multiple tabs can be opened on top of the dashboard. Click the grey 'X' to close them.


7 - If you require support, click the orange icon in the bottom right corner. This will allow you to chat live with a support specialist through the 'Intercom' system.

8 - Alternatively, click the 'Help' button in the main menu to access an online support website.


10 - To logout, click the icon in the top right hand corner.



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