How to use the Quote on 'Hold' functionality

When creating a New Enquiry, the 'Hold for' functionality allows you to send out a Quote for the chosen property or properties, whilst also blocking the availability of that property for a set time period. Hence, the property is being 'held' for the customer. 

This will give the customer some time to make a decision as to whether or not they accept the Quote, without the risk of losing the property to another Booking Contact. 


Using the 'Hold for' function

1 - Proceed with creating a New Enquiry. For instructions on how to do this, see here



2 - Once you have filled out the required information select Search Availability. 



3 - Select the Properties to add a Quote for and you will see a 'Hold for' box below the chosen Properties.



4 - When you click in the box, you will be prompted with a calendar where you can select the time period which you would like to hold the Property for. The current date is the fixed start time, however you can choose the end date, as well as the specific time you want to hold it for on the last day, e.g. Midnight, as seen on the picture below.



5 - Click 'Create & Email' (it may be partially covered by the Chat icon, like in the picture below).



6 - As the picture below shows, the expiry date and time to hold the Property for is now visible in the Quotation Email. 



7 - Once you are ready to send the Email, click 'Send Email'. 



n.b. You will now see the time period which the room is held for in the Room Stay information. In addition, you will also see that the Unit availability has been blocked to ensure the Quote is valid until the time it is held.


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