How to use the Bookable Online functionality

When generating a Quote for a customer, you can send them a link in the Quotation Email that allows them to confirm and pay for the Booking online. When the customer uses this link, the ReRum system is automatically updated to show that the Booking has been confirmed, and the same will also be done on the Availability Grid (for more information on this, see 'Availability grid'). 


Generating a link

1 - Begin by creating a new Availability Enquiry, as seen here

2 - Fill out the required details and select a Unit by clicking on the blue '+' button next to it. 



3 - Scroll down to the information about the Quote you are about to make, and tick the 'Bookable Online' box by clicking on it. 



4 - You will now be prompted with an 'Expires at' box just below the box you have just ticked. This indicates how long the link is valid for to be able to confirm online; simply type in the expiry date and time. 


N.b. This has nothing to do with how long the Unit is being 'Held for'. In order to hold the Property, you will also have to use this function (see here for details on how to do this).


5 - Click 'Create & Email'.



6 - On the Quotation Email you will now clearly see the 'Book Online' link, as well as the 'Quote expires' section which tells the customer how long the link is valid for. 



7 - When the user clicks on the link, they will be able to confirm the Quote and then pay for it using their debit or credit card. The 'Status' of the Room Stay will then be changed to 'Confirmed' within the ReRum system. 

N.b. If the link has expired, they will instead be redirected to a page encouraging them to contact your business to secure another quotation. 


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