Amending Email Templates

Email Templates are prewritten emails that can be quickly, easily and, depending on the settings, automatically be generated to be sent to your customers.


Amending Email Templates

1 - Go to the Admin menu, hover over 'Templates', and select 'Email Templates'. 



2 - Here you will be shown a list of the Templates for all the emails in the system

3 - Select the Template you wish to edit. 

4 - You will be shown the basic layout of the Template, which is typed out in HTML script. Click 'Edit Email Template'.



5 - Here you can edit the Title, Description and Subject of the email. The Subject will appear in the 'Subject' line of the customer's inbox. 



6 - If you enter an address as a Bcc (Blind carbon copy), that person will receive a copy of the email each time the Template is used. The original recipient of the email will not be aware of the Bcc. 



7 - The 'From email' is the address the email will be sent from.



8 - 'Template entity' represents what part of the system the template relates to. 



9 - 'Template type' shows whether the Template relates to the Booking or the Contact. 



10 - Select the 'Subtype' of the Template. 



11 - If you wish to manually create the email, tick the 'Allow Manual Creation' box, or you can untick this box for the email to be automatically generated. 




12 - Click 'Cancel Changes' to discard changes you have made, or 'Update Email template' to save any changes. 



13 - Attachments can be added by clicking on the 'Email Attachments' tab.



14 - Click 'Add Attachment' and select one from your computer to be added to the Template. Remember, this will appear on every email that uses this Template. 



System Configuration and Velocity Codes

Velocity Codes are special lines of coding in the Email Templates which pull names, addresses, emails etc. from the 'System Configuration' page. 

For example, if you want to change the Signature on all your templates at once, you just need to change the relevant part on the 'System Configuration' page. 

To learn more about the System Configuration page, see 'System Configuration'.


n.b. If you are wanting to change the contents of the email, make sure to contact one of the Res:Harmonics team, as we have people who are experienced with HTML script who can edit the email for you, stress-free. 


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