Turning an Enquiry into a Confirmed Booking

If the customer wishes to confirm the quote that you have sent them, the enquiry must be put into 'Pending' status, and then be confirmed. Once an enquiry has been confirmed it becomes a booking and will then appear on the availability grid. This process is shown in the graph below.

As you can see, until the enquiry is put into pending, the enquiry can be lost, and until the customer has checked in, a booking can be cancelled. Instructions for making an enquiry a booking can be found in the written instructions below.

In order to start the process of confirming a booking, you must first go through the stages of 'Making an Availability Enquiry and Sending a Quote to the Customer'.


Putting an Enquiry into Pending

 1 - Find the Enquiry you want by going to 'Sales' and selecting 'All Bookings'.



2 - Select the Enquiry you want to turn into a Confirmed Booking. In this case the 8th Enquiry down has been selected. 



3 - Select 'Edit Booking'.



4 - Tick the 'Selected' box that is next to the 'Status' which is "Quoted".



5 - This will give you the option to Book. Note that if the Billing Account does not have all the information required to send an invoice, you will be advised of this when hovering over the Book button. Update the Billing Account details as advised before proceeding. 



6 - Assuming all information is updated in the Billing Account, you can proceed with Book. Click 'Confirm' when prompted, and you will then see that the Room Stay is placed in Pending Status. At this point, you can take payment or cancel the booking, but regardless, the unit availability has now been blocked for this booking.



7 - Additionally, if you click on the Sales Invoices tab you will see that the invoices have been created.



Confirming the Booking

8 - Proceed by clicking 'Take Payment' if it is necessary to do so. If the Billing Account has a credit limit it will not be necessary.



9 - If you have had to take the payment, select a Finance Account and then fill out the details required. Once you have done so, select 'Approve Payment' in the bottom right.  



10 - Once all this is complete, select 'Edit Booking'.



11 - Tick the 'Selected' box that is next to the 'Status' which is Pending.



12 - You now have the option to Confirm the booking.



13 - This will update the booking to Confirmed status. This will not change the unit availability as it has already been blocked out.



14 - If you go to the activities tab, you will see that the automatic Activities have now been generated for this booking.



The Booking will now be confirmed and therefore ready for the customer to check in. 


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