E-Arrivals is an Email function that allows users to send online-booking arrival information to the guest about their Enquiry. This allows the guest to know the location of their stay and also enables their access to the Building and Unit. 

The following article will show you how to use E-Arrivals. 


1 - E-Arrivals is an internal feature that Res:Harmonics can turn on and off. Please contact the Support Team in order to activate this feature. 

2 - Go to the Admin menu, hover over 'Configurations', and select 'System Configuration'.



3 - Click 'Edit System configuration' and select the 'settings' tab.



4 - Under 'general' settings, change the 'e-Arrival Available Hours Before' by clicking on the box and typing in the desired figure. This setting allows you to choose how early before arrival the guest will receive the E-Arrival Email. 



5 - Click 'Update System configuration'. 



6 - Go to the Properties menu and select 'Buildings'.



7 - You will then be shown a list of all the Buildings on the system. Click on one and then select the 'Access Codes' tab. On this page you have the option to add a new Access Code, as well as to edit or delete pre-existing ones in the system.


N.b. Access Codes are used within the E-Arrivals system to provide the guest with the relevant codes to access different parts of their accommodation, e.g. a code for the gym. 


8 - Create a new code by clicking 'Add New Access Code'. 

9 - Fill out the required fields and click 'Add Access Code'. 



10 - Go to the Properties menu and select 'Key Locations'. 



11 - Click on the Key Location you are concerned with and make sure each Unit is assigned to a Key Location with an Active Code. To add a Unit or Access Code to the Key Location, click 'Edit key Location' and change as necessary. Click 'Update Key Location' to save the changes, or 'Cancel Changes' to remove them. 



12 - Go to the Admin menu, hover over 'Templates', and select 'Branding'. This page will allow you to choose a logo which will appear on the E-Arrival page. 



13 - Click 'Add Branding' to create a new logo. 



14 - Fill out the required fields and click 'Enable Logo' so that the red slider turns green. This option determines whether or not the logo is displayed within the E-Arrival page.



15 - Click 'Save Branding'.  



16 - Go to the Sales menu and select 'Booking Enquiries'. 



17 - Click on the Booking Enquiry you are concerned with, and select 'Edit Booking'. 



18 - You will have a choice of which Branding to use for the corresponding E-Arrival page. Select the relevant Branding and click 'Update Booking' to assign the chosen logo to the selected Booking. 



19 - Now, each time the 'status' of an Enquiry is changed to 'Confirmed', an E-Arrival Email will automatically be generated, and can then be sent to the appropriate guest. The picture below shows what the E-Arrival page will look similar to. 





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